An online Institute teaching divorced women HOW to be HAPPY AGAIN through personal development training and wellness empowerment.






Does This Sound Like You?

  • You wake up next to your new partner Anxiety every morning
  • Broken down and defeated is your new norm
  • Your worries about money has you eating ramen noodles for dinner
  • You feel like you're gonna die alone
  • You can't get excited about anything
  • You're tired and exhausted all the time
  • Your world has shattered into tiny little pieces
  • You don't know how you're going to get through this pain

Are you ready to get off this ride, move on, let go and create a life beyond your wildest dreams?

You ready??  Let's GO!!  




Hi! I'm Vita

I'm a Personal Development trainer, expert changemaker and founder of the M.E. Institute.

I help divorced women find love again.

All things Personal Development is my jam and I believe we all have that power within us to move through obstacles and live a life of happiness and purpose.

By allowing me to support, guide and teach you:


Never worry about being lonely again

Ease your tension and anxiety

Secure a financial future you can count on..and have plenty of money left over for those cute shoes (my own obsession)

Learn how to embrace your fears and create anything you want

I'll teach you how to become UNSTOPPABLE by empowering you with spiritual tools and actionable strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW

Are you ready to find clarity, direction and a life infused with passion again?



The early morning sun is beaming into your bedroom window

You wake up every morning, excited to start your day

You feel peaceful and alive

You're ready to take on anything

You're successful in how you earn a living

You're paying your bills and have plenty of money left over for those new pair of shoes 

You know exactly WHAT YOU WANT 

You're HAPPY!!




Click on the link below to access your FREE Trainings.

You're on your way to creating a life that you LOVE despite the challenges that show up.

Free Trainings include:

  • Tracking your Daily Wins Template
  • Audio Training of How to feel unstuck
  • Audio Training of How to gain clarity in all areas of your life
  • Audio Training about the Law of Attraction

and so much more!

Click here to access your FREE Trainings


You'll get personalized help in creating a strategic action plan for your next chapter. This is what you'll get:

 * A Wellness/Lifestyle Overview

 * A crystal clear vision of what you want

* A Financial Success Plan

* Strategies on managing destructive thoughts

* An Accountability partner

* A deeper understanding of Spiritual Laws such as the Law of Attraction

* A deep look into your Fears, Worries and Anxiety around the future

* Personalized instruction and scripts on how to use and implement the Emotional Freedom Technique aka tapping.

What is tapping? Similar to acupuncture but without needles, tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.  Tapping provides relief from stress and emotional issues.

Space is limited for one-on-one coaching. CLICK HERE  





Having trouble staying consistent with your daily success habits?

Have you ever started something but then life got in the way and you stopped doing what you started?

Then this monthly subscription program is for you.

This is designed to help you stay on track to create the life you want during or after your divorce process. 

Here's what you'll get

* Once a Month Live Guided Meditation to keep you emotionally aligned

* Weekly inspirational quotes to keep you inspired

*Monthly Live Calls

* Healthy eating tips and exercise strategies to help you feel your best physically during this life change

*Lessons on essentials oils and which ones you can use to feel relief from emotional triggers 

* A Financial Blueprint that creates peace of mind while moving on to that next chapter of your life

Registration is Closed Right now but you can get on the waitlist HERE






Want to start using some tools now! These three worksheets work well together.  Start with one and move on to the next and then the next. 

You can do all three worksheets in one week or you can give yourself more time and do one worksheet for each of the three weeks.

These worksheets were designed to help you uncover blocks of pain that you've been holding on to, self-awareness will become more apparent and from there you'll move into a space where you'll start training your mind to become more abundant and attract the things you want.

Here's what you'll get:

1. Letting Go Of Your Past-This will help you to recognize what's holding you back from moving on

2. 5 Powerful Questions to Ask About Your Triggers-Identifying your triggers will help you bounce back when you get knocked down

3. Being Abundant-This worksheet helps you align with the abundance you already have in your life.


"I loved the Let's Do This! workshop and try to implement all i learned everyday. You've really help me focus on retraining my mind to be positive and I've learned what triggers me and how to cope with that. I especially like how you had me redo my clarity list which really makes me focus on what i want my life to be ! I feel so much better than i did a year ago and it's all thanks to you and your awesome tools you have given me. "

Donna B.
Middleville, MI

"I came to Vita's workshop in the midst of trying to heal from a devasting divorce. I was a single mom of 3, no real job and had to sell our family home. In the workshop she taught me how to focus in on what i wanted in different aspects of my life. When you have direction, you can get there! When everything seems so out of control, she taught me to focus on what i could control. Thanks in part to Vita and her workshop, I am in a much better head space than i ever saw myself being in. I still struggle but she encourages me to go back to basics and find out what it is i want."

Salina D.
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for your time, expertise and talent. Every time you have Wow me! I have great appreciation for how Vita elicited answers from me that extracted emotions I thought I had dealt with, and in doing so, resolved core issues. I am so impressed and I was so happily surprised by each and every session I had with Vita. I enrolled in Vita’s Coaching Sessions with very low expectations as I am not often impressed. However, I was soon won over by her expertise, sincerity, and natural talent for what she does best: Life Coaching with a passion. If you are looking for a Life Coach, I strongly recommend Vita as she is a Chef among cooks in the world of Life coaches. "

Vera Lyoubovskya

"There is something about Vita that makes me just want to reach out and find comfort in her. She made me feel supported on every call and allowed me to talk about what was bothering me but didn't let me stay in that place for too long. She helped me to get clear about what I wanted and come up with action steps to help me to get there. With her guidance I was able to attract more abundance into my life, more than I originally had anticipated for. Her techniques work if you commit to doing the work! I love knowing that I can connect with her at any time and the support is always there if ever I need it."

San Diego

"Through our community : 1. Someone is always available day and night to lend support,give advice, or a virtual hug, etc. So you realize you are never alone 2. We have a shared experience and can relate on so many levels 3. Group members are the best cheerleaders always encouraging, inspiring....since we are in different stages in the process, those who are further along can be the 'holders of hope' for the newcomers 4. There is an ongoing theme to focus on self-care and empowerment and 5. Karma comes up a lot. Though a bit devious----We all take delight when members experience Karma in action! It's healthy to share fantasies! And 6. Though virtual-- friendships do form. There is a continuity as we follow each other's stories. We have a sister bond. And we come to know this is our tribe now." "

Karen B.

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