Are you struggling to cope with your divorce or separation?   






Hey, I'm Kavita aka Vita, Your Heartbreak to Happy Coach and Law of Attraction Teacher

I help divorced women move on and let go of the past by teaching them Law of Attraction principles so that they can take the next step into their new chapter with confidence, courage and strength.

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I'm also known as mommy to my three sweet babies and Vita Babe to my partner, the most captivating musician that I've ever known (he really can play every instrument ....except the bagpipes)!

Don't let your dreams suffer. 

Learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to create the life you want despite the pain and heartache you're feeling.


Life is stressful enough. Add a heartbreak onto your list of things to manage and it can feel very overwhelming.

Thoughts of "I can't take this anymore", and "when is this going to end?" adds to the chaos of what is now your life.
Going through a heartbreak can take a toll on your ability to focus and live day to day moments.

When you experience something as heart wrenching as a divorce or separation, your mindset is compromised.

This impacts your decision making abilities, your drive and passion for your work, how you see your future and how you parent/co-parent your children.

Managing your thoughts and emotions during this time is crucial to the success of:

  • your business/work
  • how present you are with your children
  • the interaction you have with others and
  • the next steps you take in your life

Are you ready to:

  • Pivot from negative thoughts to ones that serve you
  • Process your feelings so they don't knock you over
  • Reach for better feeling thoughts on a daily basis
  • Work through the crying outbursts that happen out of nowhere
  • Surround yourself with a community of women who has gone through this kind of pain 
  • Connect with a new vision for your life
  • Build your Confidence back up
  • Feel better 
  • Cultivate a possibility-driven mindset
  • Take the next steps forward to feeling good and being happy
  • Own your thoughts and emotions so there is zero space for people to control you

"I loved the Let's Do this Workshop and try to implement all I learned everyday. You’ve really help me focus on retraining my mind to be positive and I’ve learned what triggers me and how to cope with that. I especially like how you had me re do my clarity list which really makes me focus on what I want my life to be! I feel so much better than I did a year ago and it’s all thanks to you and the awesome tools you have given me! I even told my Doctor about you and she said she definitely sees a change in me from a year ago. "

Donna B. (Michigan)

"Wow do I have a story for y’all! I met Vita our wonderful inspiration in May of 2017. I showed up to one her meditation classes a HOT MESS from my divorce. We talked about breathing exercises and essential oils. Her and I connected quickly. Talking almost daily. She slowly started working different journal exercises into my routine. One night I WROTE out everything we talked about. I finally Made my list. I wrote out everything I wanted in my future and how it made me feel. Let me tell you. I worked that list daily. Within 1 month later I had my dream job. My kickball team one the championship. And then I met the man of my dreams. We took it slow and I just knew he was the one. We are now living together. I’m here to tell you. Do the work. Scream. Cry. Get into some shenanigans. But do the work. Whatever you believe in IS true. And if you take the time and do the work. You will have everything. "

Sarah H. (Captiva Island)

"JUST yesterday I posted in here that i was feeling so depressed and giving in to my emotions and Kavita and other members comments were so kind and supportive that it almost instantly made me feel better. I know I am a loving, caring and empathetic person but I am also sensitive and I know sometimes I whine alot.. But THANK YOU ‼️ to all of you‼️ for being so patient, kind and supportive of me. Grateful for being a part of this family"

Private Member of our Facebook Community
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"Thank you so much for your time, expertise and talent. Every time you have Wow me! I have great appreciation for how Vita elicited answers from me that extracted emotions I thought I had dealt with, and in doing so, resolved core issues. I am so impressed and I was so happily surprised by each and every session I had with Vita. I enrolled in Vita’s Coaching Sessions with very low expectations as I am not often impressed. However, I was soon won over by her expertise, sincerity, and natural talent for what she does best: Life Coaching with a passion. If you are looking for a Life Coach, I strongly recommend Vita as she is a Chef among cooks in the world of Life coaches. "

Vera Lyoubovskya (Chicago)

"“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Vita. She is incredibly intuitive and is able to see and hear past that information you give her and get right to the real issues quickly. She is very supportive and is like having a “big hug” every time you speak with her. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling the need to get some clarity in their life and to follow their dreams, she can make this happen.”"

Lori Karpman (Canada)

"Kavita! You are an amazing lady! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support over the past 3 years! You have no idea what you’ve done I know but I was on my knees crying not able to breathe or eat. You got me through! Because of you I got stronger! You are utterly fantastic!!!!"

Private Facebook Community Member
*name not revealed due to privacy*


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