Are you struggling with MOVING ON and LETTING GO since your divorce or separation?

Can you relate to the following:

✔️You feel Broken and Defeated

✔️You feel like you can't take anymore

✔️You feel like you've been cheated a good life

✔️You've been trying to be positive but it feels like you're going backwards instead

✔️You feel alone with your struggles

✔️You wish you could just wake up from this nightmare you're experiencing

✔️You feel like the people around you just don't get what you're going through

✔️You feel like the best years of your life is gone

✔️You're feeling confused and lonely

✔️It hurts so bad that you can't function 

✔️You don't even know where to start

✔️You're scared and don't even know what's happening right now

✔️You don't know how to navigate this situation

✔️You feel like you can't live without your ex

✔️You don't know how you will be able to go on

✔️You want your life back

✔️You're devastated

✔️You feel like you're on a roller coaster of emotions

✔️You can't imagine your life without your ex

✔️Your situation feels like pure misery

If you said yes to the above, I've got you my friend.  You're not alone.

This is a painful time, one that disconnects you from the life you knew.

I want you to know that even though you're hurting right now, there is a beautiful new life waiting for you.

One that you get to create step by step.

One chapter of your life is ending but another one is just beginning.

Your thoughts and feelings play a huge role in your healing journey. 

Thoughts (Beliefs) + Feelings + Action = Results

When you master this concept you will go from Heartbreak to Happiness which will lead to you moving on and letting go. 

How do I know? I've been there.

I too had endless crying moments. 

Days filled with pain and hurt.

Hiding my pain from others just to avoid the comments and the "you should do."

It was overwhelming.

It was scary and confusing not knowing what steps to take next.

But the one thing that kept my head above the water, was finding clarity, direction and feel good moments.

I was on a mission to create new thought patterns and habits.

And what I know for sure, is that managing your thoughts and feelings is crucial to your decision making, your emotional and mental health as well as your physical health. 

Yes, you will be able to get there too, one step at a time.

Here's what you can do right now : 

 1. Know that you're not alone. Having a support community that understands your pain and struggle is important to your healing journey.

 I created my FREE private facebook community to help you do just that. 

Inside that community you can share your stories, have the support you need and the encouragement to figure out your next steps. 

We've got some rules in place so if you're looking to judge or project your pain onto other's then this group is NOT for you.

Join a community of women who gets it. You'll also have access to:


🔑live training videos 

🔑 mindset training tools to help you understand and process your thoughts and emotions.

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This Private Facebook Group provides a sisterhood of women who have joined together to inspire, encourage and support one another during this difficult time

Daily Live Training

I go live inside the Facebook group twice a week to teach mindset training tips and strategies to get you more in touch with your thoughts and feelings 

Live Coaching

Reply to one of my daily posts and you'll have the opportunity to be coached by me 



Learn and become inspired from other women on how they're managing their own heartbreak and what they're doing to help themselves heal

2. Learn more about the monthly  MOVE ON + LET GO Membership

This is the next level up to the trainings taught inside the Private Facebook Community. 

Inside this MEMBERS ONLY area you will have access to your own private student portal with deeper dive trainings on the principals that will help you feel unstuck, find clarity, gain confidence and take the next steps on your journey.

You will be given a roadmap to follow and keep referring to when challenges show up.

We dive deep into these 5 stages of the core principal Thoughts (Beliefs) + Feelings + Actions = Results






This membership will help you go from heartbreak to happiness where you will learn how to move on, let go of your past and create the life you've imagined.

This high level of accountability, support and training will help you change your thought patterns and behavior faster by bringing more awareness to the areas that you need to focus on more.




  • Private Student Portal
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  • Private Student Portal
  • Accountability to help with implementation 
  • Member perks
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Kavita aka Vita has been teaching women for over 4 years how to manage their thoughts and emotions. 

From losing her father to alcoholism, to experiencing her own painful divorce, she went from suppressing her thoughts and feelings to FEELING her pain and learning how to manage her thoughts to cultivate the feelings and life she envisioned.

All things Personal Development is her jam. She loves talking all things energy, thoughts and feelings. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

You can learn more about her HERE.

She created the MOVE ON + LET GO Facebook Membership Community when she experienced her own separation and felt isolated. She searched for a community that would help her move through her pain but what she found was the opposite. 

She found groups that were judgmental, non-supportive and stayed stuck in their pain.

That's when she decided to create a space that was safe to talk, non-judgmental and provided tools to move through the pain, feel better and create a life that was even better than before.

She combined her coaching skills and own experiences to build a a loving, inspiring and supportive community.

In addition to her facebook community and membership program, Vita also works with female entrepreneurs struggling to manage their emotions while running their business. She helps them work through their thoughts and feelings while maintaining their passion, drive and ambition for their work.

Join the MOVE On + LET GO FREE Private Facebook Community

Here's What our Members Are Saying

*Due to the privacy of the group, names and photos will not be revealed on this page*

Kavita! You are an amazing lady! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support over the past 3 years! You have no idea what you’ve done I know but I was on my knees crying not able to breathe or eat. You got me through! Because of you I got stronger! You are utterly fantastic!!!!!

It’s nice to know your not alone and others have gone through a similar situation and came out the other side happy

Kavita, she s such a beautiful soul! And I think she really inspire us all to be more kind, empathetic and understanding. Since Ive been here Ive never heard but words of encouragement and that's hard to get. These days people tend to be selfish.

I like the support and not being judged for my feelings.

This group ... these beautiful women... have made me learn to value and love myself again.
This is the best group of women I have ever been involved with.

I love the support and sisterhood that we feel here. It is great to receive the techniques to handle the situations that arise, such as looking for the wins, the reminders to stay hydrated, the reminders to breathe. And I can vent when I need to. No one judges me but instead will offer suggestions, similar stories and hugs as needed when things are not going well.

I gained a sense of selfworth and made new friends from a distance. The support, honesty and understanding from this group made me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I gained comfort, reassurance and positive encouragement through my own posts as well as reading about others' experiences & the advice given. A compassionate & motivating Kavita has been instrumental in helping my healing along.

Finding this group made me realize that I’m not alone. Im not crazy, stupid, dumb, worthless, or a joke. When you hear those words for decades it’s so isolating. It was impossible to tell people in my life what I was going through for fear of being judged.
I feel like this is a SAFE PLACE. And to me that’s very important.

I came to this group when I was looking for women who truly understood what I was going through. I got that plus so much more! I feel this is a place that I can go to and express my feelings and get support, encouragement and understanding! I've also been able to offer that to others too! This has been the place where I can learn to grieve and grow!

Exactly what the others have said. That I’m not alone in this. That there is no time line to recover emotionally. It’s ok to grieve. That what I’m feeling is normal. The women in this group are so caring and supportive.

⭐ Recap of Steps You Can Take Now to Help Manage your Emotions⭐

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