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The All About M.E. Subscription is your one-stop for implementing all the tools you're learning on a daily basis.

Here's what your subscription gets you:

*Once a month Live Guided Meditation to keep you emotionally aligned. (Recordings available)

*Daily inspirational quotes delivered right to your inbox

*Monthly Live Q & A calls to move through blocks, or challenges showing up

*Lessons on essential oils and which ones work best for emotional triggers and well as emotional support.

*Healthy eating tips and exercise strategies to help you feel your best mentally and physically during this life change

*A financial blueprint that creates peace of mind while moving to that next chapter of your life

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3 Steps to Move Through Pain and Move into Abundance

These Trifecta bundle worksheets will help ease you into the next steps of your healing journey.

What you'll get: 3 Powerful Worksheets

  • Letting go of your past
  • 5 Powerful questions to ask about your triggers
  • Being Abundant

Each worksheet is designed to be completed one at a time.  Doing them in the order listed above will bring added value as you uncover blocks along the way.

The suggested time to complete the worksheets is three weeks, however as you move along, you'll find that you may want to complete one every other day.

Let your thoughts and your feelings guide you. And remember to be easy with yourself.

The first step to healing is FEELING everything.  Even if it hurts. Give yourself the space to let your emotions out and then carry on with each worksheet.

You're not alone on your journey.

Support is always available at [email protected]

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey with you.  I'm here for you all the way and I'm cheering you on!



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