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Move from Heartbreak to Happy


10 Reasons Why The M.E. Programs and Classes are right for you: You WANT to:

1. Take take control of your thoughts and emotions


3. Develop Trust 

4. Own Your Power

5. Strengthen your Self-Esteem and Confidence

6.  Love again

7. Learn how to grow through your struggles gracefully and find joy in the little things


9. An Unshakable Spiritual Foundation You can Always Count on

10. Stop feeling scared of the unknown

10 Reasons Why The M.E. Programs and Classes are NOT a Good Fit For You:

1. You're not ready to make significant changes for your well-being

2. You'd rather stay in the victim-mentality role

3. You're not willing to do the work

4.  You're waiting for a quick-fix to show up

5. You're happy with your life the way it is

6. There is nothing in your life you need to work on

7. Personal Development is not your thing

8. You'd rather read self-help books and look at YouTube videos but have no desire to implement in your life what you are learning

9. Growth and expansion in Life doesn't appeal to you

10. You'd rather leave your destiny in the hands of others

If you're not ready, that's ok too. Baby steps.

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